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Friday, July 19

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Gad Guard Marriott Hall 6, Marriott Marquis & Marina Gakuen Alice Marriott Hall 4, Marriott Marquis & Marina Kill Me Baby Marriott Hall 5, Marriott Marquis & Marina Cartoon Network: Regular Show Indigo Ballroom, Hilton San Diego Bayfront Comic-Con How-To: Anatomy of a Fight Scene, Part One Room 2 DC Comics: My Secret Origin, or How I Broke into Comics Room 6DE Edgar Rice Burroughs: Tarzan, Carson of Venus, and the Next 100 Years of Adventure Room 28DE Graphic Novels: Words and Pictures Room 23ABC Inside The Big Bang Theory Writers' Room Ballroom 20 My Comic-Con Career Room 4 Red Star Rises: Geek Q&A with Christian Gossett Room 32AB Spotlight on Tony Isabella Room 9 Star Wars Comics: Here and Now Room 7AB Steampunk 101 Room 25ABC The World's End: Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg, Nick Frost Reunited Hall H Comic-Con Film School 102: Production Marriott Hall 2, Marriott Marquis & Marina Munchkin School & Zombie Dice Room 15A The 2013 Black Panel Room 5AB LEGO Systems, Inc. Sails Pavilion - Portfolio Review Revolution Comics Sails Pavilion - Portfolio Review Space Goat Productions Sails Pavilion - Portfolio Review Blood Bowl Room 15A Carrie Goldman Sails Pavilion - Autographs Cas Anvar Sails Pavilion - Autographs Chase Masterson Sails Pavilion - Autographs Chris Warner Sails Pavilion - Autographs Cindy Morgan Sails Pavilion - Autographs Clare Kramer Sails Pavilion - Autographs Eric Hennig Sails Pavilion - Autographs Erin Gray Sails Pavilion - Autographs Irwin Keyes Sails Pavilion - Autographs Jeffrey Breslauer Sails Pavilion - Autographs Jordan Hart Sails Pavilion - Autographs Mindy Sterling Sails Pavilion - Autographs Mira Furlan Sails Pavilion - Autographs Philip R. Cable Sails Pavilion - Autographs Raphael Sbarge Sails Pavilion - Autographs Richard Anderson Sails Pavilion - Autographs Richard Hatch Sails Pavilion - Autographs The Walking Dead Sails Pavilion - Autographs Trina Parks Sails Pavilion - Autographs Virgil Sails Pavilion - Autographs Arch Enemy Entertainment Sails Pavilion - Portfolio Review Nickelodeon Animation Studio Sails Pavilion - Portfolio Review Nickelodeon Artist & Writing Programs Sails Pavilion - Portfolio Review Walt Disney Animation Studios Sails Pavilion - Portfolio Review Whatnot?! Entertainment, Inc. Sails Pavilion - Portfolio Review Wizards of the Coast Sails Pavilion - Portfolio Review FANBOY - Free Play Room 16B Yu-Gi-Oh! Battle Pack Sealed Deck (8-player Flights) Room 16A Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelist League (8-player Flights) Room 16A Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel the Master Room 16A Malifaux Demos Room 15A Summit Custom T-shirt Bar Lineup Sails Pavilion - Autographs Magic: The Gathering - 'Go Infinite' Booster Draft Marriott Ballroom F, Marriott Marquis & Marina Magic: The Gathering - Beginners League Marriott Ballroom F, Marriott Marquis & Marina Magic: The Gathering - Commander League Marriott Ballroom F, Marriott Marquis & Marina Magic: The Gathering - Magic Intro Pack League Marriott Ballroom F, Marriott Marquis & Marina Alien Labyrinth Room 15A Atlas Games: Gloom Room 15A Mayfair Games Room 15A Pokémon - League play Room 14A Pokémon - Learn how to play! Room 14A Pokémon - Side events Room 14A

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A Look at Kevin Keller Room 28DE A Tribute to Kim Thompson of Fantagraphics Books Room 25ABC Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag Live Demo and Q&A Room 6BCF Comics Arts Conference Session #8: Comics Theory Room 26AB Cyborg 009 and the Legacy of Shotaro Ishinomori Room 9 From Idea to Buzz: The Team Behind a Literary Blockbuster Room 23ABC Music and Comics Room 32AB Showrunners Documentary Film Panel: Showrunning: The Hardest Job in Entertainment? Lyceum Spotlight on Christopher Shy Room 4 Star Wars Origami Room 7AB Traditional Art Training Online with Jeff Watts Room 30CDE Why Fanfiction Is Taking Over the World Room 29A Duane Swierczynski Sails Pavilion - Autographs Pathfinder Role Playing Game Intro Marriott Ballroom E, Marriott Marquis & Marina Zombie Dice & Munchkin: Zombie and Booty Room 15A D&D Board Game Open Play Marriott Ballroom E, Marriott Marquis & Marina D&D Dungeon Command Tournament Marriott Ballroom E, Marriott Marquis & Marina D&D Next: Danger at Darkshelf Quarry Marriott Ballroom E, Marriott Marquis & Marina D&D Next: Learn to Play Marriott Ballroom E, Marriott Marquis & Marina Magic: The Gathering - 4-Pack Sealed Deck Marriott Ballroom F, Marriott Marquis & Marina Pokémon - Unlimited 'Mutant' Tournament Room 14A Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 Tournament - Tournament Room 17AB Yu-Gi-Oh! Win-A-Mat Room 16A Smorgasbord Productions Sails Pavilion - Portfolio Review D&D Next: Mines of Madness Marriott Ballroom E, Marriott Marquis & Marina Pathfinder Society Organized Play Marriott Ballroom E, Marriott Marquis & Marina

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[adult swim]: The Eric Andre Show and Hot Package Indigo Ballroom, Hilton San Diego Bayfront Digital First Comics: The New Trend Room 8 Epic Fantasy Room 24ABC Leonard Maltin Sails Pavilion - Autographs Superman: The Post-Crisis Era Sails Pavilion - Autographs With Great Powers Come Great Stories Sails Pavilion - Autographs Academy of Art University Sails Pavilion - Portfolio Review Eisner Spirit Award Video Viewing Room 18 Phineas and Ferb Sails Pavilion - Autographs Comic-Con How-To: Dynamic Marker Rendering for Comics Room 2 Adrian Paul Sails Pavilion - Autographs April Wahlin, Eric Zaragoza, Matt Laumann Sails Pavilion - Autographs Ashley Scott Sails Pavilion - Autographs Claudia Wells Sails Pavilion - Autographs Debi Derryberry Sails Pavilion - Autographs Diane Franklin Sails Pavilion - Autographs Diane Sherry Sails Pavilion - Autographs Joseph Culp Sails Pavilion - Autographs Judi Shekoni Sails Pavilion - Autographs Kathy Najimy Sails Pavilion - Autographs Larry Nemecek Sails Pavilion - Autographs Nicholas Brendon Sails Pavilion - Autographs Nutopia Kim Sails Pavilion - Autographs Rana McAnear Sails Pavilion - Autographs Reggie Bannister and Gigi Bannister Sails Pavilion - Autographs Rick Fitts Sails Pavilion - Autographs Roshambo Sails Pavilion - Autographs Stephen Stanton Sails Pavilion - Autographs The Last Dragon Sails Pavilion - Autographs Timothy Quill Sails Pavilion - Autographs Tony Mc Vey and Kirk Thatcher Sails Pavilion - Autographs Capstone Sails Pavilion - Portfolio Review

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