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Friday, July 19

10:00am PDT

Comic-Con Film School 102: Production
Day 2 of this four-day course on microbudget moviemaking focuses on the specifics of production, from shooting techniques, to lighting on the cheap, to crew positions you need (and don't need), to costuming, props, and set decorating for as little money as possible. Panelists include Valerie Perez (producer/star of the Paula Peril series), Vera Vanguard (producer of The Building of Good and Evil), Nick Murphy (writer/director of Pizza and Bullets), Jack Conway (writer/producer of Fear News), and Sean Rourke (writer of Ballistica).

Friday July 19, 2013 10:00am - 11:00am PDT
Marriott Hall 2, Marriott Marquis & Marina

11:05am PDT

Certified-In 1950s rural America, a postman's first day takes a terrifying turn when a precocious young girl tells him of her family's horrible tragedy. Participating filmmakers include Luke Asa Guidici (director), Kimberley Browning (producer), and Thomas Garner (lead actor).

Friday July 19, 2013 11:05am - 11:25am PDT
Marriott Hall 2, Marriott Marquis & Marina

11:25am PDT

Out of Hand
Out of Hand-Whuh-oh...as if practicing for the school play wasn't hard enough, Nathan has to ditch a mysterious severed human hand before going onstage! Participating filmmakers include Katie Aldworth (director), Aaron Pagniano (cinematographer), Andie McMahon (production designer), and Dustin Waldman (producer).

Friday July 19, 2013 11:25am - 11:40am PDT
Marriott Hall 2, Marriott Marquis & Marina

11:40am PDT

Thumb-After losing a playful "thumb war" to his date, our hero puts his losing digit through a grueling Rocky-esque training regimen in an obsessive quest to reclaim the title...and his manhood. Participating filmmakers include Josh Duvendeck (Parks & Recreation), Johanna Watts (Star Trek: Enterprise), Kevin Walsh (Padmé), and James Codeglia (cinematographer).

Friday July 19, 2013 11:40am - 11:55am PDT
Marriott Hall 2, Marriott Marquis & Marina

11:55am PDT

Titans of Newark
Titans of Newark-In the heavens of Mt. Olympus, the Greek gods debate whether they maintain power over humanity. In present-day New Jersey, unemployed loser Levi Katz (Six Feet Under) gets the interview of a lifetime-not realizing that between him and the interview stands a divine war that will push him to his limits. Participating filmmakers include Mike Marino (writer/director), Raisa Machado (producer), Christy Gray (production designer), Rockie Stephens (editor), and Lili Bordan (Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome).  

Friday July 19, 2013 11:55am - 12:35pm PDT
Marriott Hall 2, Marriott Marquis & Marina

12:35pm PDT

Deathbed-During his final moments, a dying man lays by his son, who would do anything to keep his father alive...until he is called out on it. Guest starring Death! Participating filmmakers include Sean Becker (director), Jeff Lewis (writer/actor), and Daniel Scruggs (visual effects).

Friday July 19, 2013 12:35pm - 12:50pm PDT
Marriott Hall 2, Marriott Marquis & Marina

12:50pm PDT

Cats in Space
Cats in Space-Space, the final frontier. A feline starship embarks on a mission to boldly go where no cat has gone before. Participating filmmakers include James Dastoli (co-director), Robert Dastoli (co-director), and Emily Paiz (producer).

Friday July 19, 2013 12:50pm - 1:05pm PDT
Marriott Hall 2, Marriott Marquis & Marina

1:05pm PDT

The Immigrant
The Immigrant-After being deported to his native Canada, once-famous comedian Bob London attempts a Hollywood comeback by sneaking across the Mexico-U.S. border. Rejected by his famous friends, penniless and alone, Bob is adopted by a pair of migrant workers who resolve to show him how to make it in America. Participating filmmakers include Josh Levy (director), Robi Levy (producer), and Dave Pullano (co-writer).

Friday July 19, 2013 1:05pm - 1:40pm PDT
Marriott Hall 2, Marriott Marquis & Marina

1:40pm PDT

Level Up: The Living Video Game
Level Up: The Living Video Game-Jayden is a gamer who can't imagine his life without video games. He has a crush on a cute gamer girl name Katie. But the path to get Katie isn't covered with rose petals, because Jayden must obtain experience points and reach to his next level if he wants to talk with her. Participating filmmakers include Cecilio Lanz (director), Felipe Velarde (executive producer), Jorge Quevedo (lead actor), and Alina Bartolini (lead actress).

Friday July 19, 2013 1:40pm - 2:15pm PDT
Marriott Hall 2, Marriott Marquis & Marina

2:20pm PDT

The Casting Society of America Presents: The Casting Directors
Moderated by Lora Kennedy (Warner Brothers, EVP, features casting; CD, Man of Steel). With a panel that includes Roger Mussenden (X-Men: Days of Future Past), Sharon Bialy (The Walking Dead), David Rapaport (Arrow), Randi Hiller (VP of casting for Walt Disney Studio, The Avengers, Captain America: The First Avenger, Thor), these leading casting directors will give behind-the-scenes insight to the casting process.

Friday July 19, 2013 2:20pm - 3:20pm PDT
Marriott Hall 2, Marriott Marquis & Marina

3:25pm PDT

At the End
At the End-Earth's days are numbered when a nearby star goes supernova. Seizing the opportunity, an alien race has offered humanity a deal: be our slaves or be left to die. As one couple struggles toward the last escaping ship, they grapple with the cost of sacrificing their freedom for their survival. Participating filmmakers include Jason J. Whitmore (writer/director), Deirdre Morales (producer), Devin Dailey (director of photography), Christopher Devlin (actor), and Ronja Koepke (actor).

Friday July 19, 2013 3:25pm - 4:00pm PDT
Marriott Hall 2, Marriott Marquis & Marina

4:00pm PDT

HENRi-Keir Dullea (2001: A Space Odyssey) and Margot Kidder (Superman) star in this short sci-fi film about a derelict spaceship that becomes self aware and builds itself a mechanical body in order to feel alive. Made utilizing a mixture of old-school in-camera effects and computer animation, HENRi is a genre love letter to the classic science fiction films of the '70s and '80s. Participating filmmakers include Eli Sasich (writer/director) and Kevin Riepl (composer).

Friday July 19, 2013 4:00pm - 4:35pm PDT
Marriott Hall 2, Marriott Marquis & Marina

4:35pm PDT

The Hatchling
The Hatchling-A brother and sister discover a large and mysterious egg in their backyard. Is it real? And if it is, can they really keep it? Breaking an egg is one thing, but breaking a heart is another. Participating filmmakers include John Wikstrom (writer/director), Michael Smith (producer), and Zach Johnson (director of photography).

Friday July 19, 2013 4:35pm - 4:55pm PDT
Marriott Hall 2, Marriott Marquis & Marina

4:55pm PDT

Reclamation-A postapocalyptic western follows Lawrence (Michael Massee) as he searches for value in a world that's lost everything. A con man by trade, Lawrence takes what he needs, but when he stumbles across a compound of survivors, he finds more than he was looking for. Participating filmmakers include Dave Lehleitner (writer/director), Sarah Vannest (actress), Adam Lee (DP), and Shane Leary (VHS 2).

Friday July 19, 2013 4:55pm - 5:30pm PDT
Marriott Hall 2, Marriott Marquis & Marina

5:30pm PDT

The Final Moments of Karl Brant
The Final Moments of Karl Brant-In the near future, a neurologist and two homicide detectives use experimental brain-taping technology to question a murder victim about his final moments. Starring Paul Reubens (Pee Wee Herman). Participating filmmakers include Janina Gavankar (True Blood), M. F. Wilson (writer/director), Scott M. Davids (producer/editor), and Seth Kleinberg (VFX).

Friday July 19, 2013 5:30pm - 6:00pm PDT
Marriott Hall 2, Marriott Marquis & Marina

6:00pm PDT

The Invasion Journals of Ian Reynolds
The Invasion Journals of Ian Reynolds-The year is 2014 and Ian Reynolds has barred himself inside his parents' bathroom, holding out for the cure to a recent parasitic alien invasion. Ian has taken it upon himself to document his discoveries and random musings while waiting for his first love to let him know she is alive. Participating filmmakers include Graham Alexander (creator/executive producer) and Micah Coltman (co-cinematographer).

Friday July 19, 2013 6:00pm - 6:30pm PDT
Marriott Hall 2, Marriott Marquis & Marina

6:30pm PDT

Child Invisible
Child Invisible-A young girl must decide if remembering her mother is worth the risks it creates. Participating filmmakers include Bethe H. Gordon (director), Sara Ahkteh (associate producer), and Sarah Takahashi (crew).

Friday July 19, 2013 6:30pm - 7:10pm PDT
Marriott Hall 2, Marriott Marquis & Marina

7:10pm PDT

Arthur and the Bunnies
Arthur and the Bunnies-An absurdist dark comedy about a man whose life takes a turn for the worse when he starts vomiting bunnies. Participating filmmakers include Dana Turken (writer/director), Cory Miller (producer), Judy Phu (producer), Alex O'Flinn (editor).

Friday July 19, 2013 7:10pm - 7:45pm PDT
Marriott Hall 2, Marriott Marquis & Marina

7:45pm PDT

Incident On Highway 73
Incident On Highway 73-On Christmas Eve five years ago, newly engaged couple Jeff Bedict and Kelly Moga took a trip through the desert and mysteriously disappeared. This is an account of the couple's final, harrowing hours. Participating filmmakers include Brian Thompson (director/producer), Elizabeth Schmidt (co-lead), Ian Alda (co-lead), and Michael Kirk (writer/producer).

Friday July 19, 2013 7:45pm - 8:25pm PDT
Marriott Hall 2, Marriott Marquis & Marina

8:25pm PDT

Pig-A man wakes up in the middle of the desert with a black hood on his head and his hands tied behind his back. He has no idea who he is or how he got there, and the clues to his identity lead to something more chilling than he could have ever imagined. Participating filmmakers include Rudolf Martin (NCIS), Henry Barrial (writer/director), Mark Stolaroff (producer), and Alex Cutler (co-producer).

Friday July 19, 2013 8:25pm - 10:10pm PDT
Marriott Hall 2, Marriott Marquis & Marina

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