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Sunday, July 21

10:00am PDT

San Diego Int'l Children's Film Festival - Program 1
Animation Showcase!
A reel of short animation from around the world, some of the best and most creative all-ages animation on the planet, including films from Croatia, France, China, Russia, Germany, Canada, UK, Hungary, Argentina, Mexico, Italy, Australia, Japan. (A)

The Ingredient
Tad Patterson
A stop-motion animated film wherein Lucky the beaver must stop an unscrupulous wizard and his pet monster. (A) (USA)

Arjun Rihan
Two pieces of the Bay Bridge must work together to get the job done. Could love follow? (A) (USA)

Dan Racusin
A lively music video for a popular Japanese band. (A) (USA/Japan)

Gallery Girl
Andrew Marshel
A lonely girl inside a painting longs to know what else is out there. (A) (USA)

Bill Kersey/Edward Kim
Can one little dog stay out of the trash? (L) (USA)

Jellyfish Niche
Jenny Sherman
A little jellyfish has trouble finding his niche. (A) (USA)

After Hours
Marshall Fels Elliott
An overworked animator is haunted by one of his characters. (A) (Canada)

Ride of the Mergansers
Steve Furman
Newborn merganser ducklings make their way to the real world. (D) (USA)

Lost and Found
Philip Hunt
A boy and a penguin find friendship and adventure. Who is lost, and who is found? (A) (UK)

Sunday July 21, 2013 10:00am - 11:30am PDT
Room 9

11:30am PDT

San Diego Int'l Children's Film Festival - Program 2
Trash Encounter
Nicholas Mastrangelo
Young animator Nicholas Mastrangelo returns with this story of an abandoned dog attacked by wild hounds, rescued by a space alien hiding in a junkyard. A thriller! (A) (USA)

Hello, I Like You
Brooklyn Mixtape Club
A highly condensed happiness espresso. (A) (USA)

Prince Rat
Albert Radl
The princess is abducted by a presumed dragon. Heroism looms. (A) (Germany)

Ensad: Alive
Creative animation from the highly regarded Ensad animation school in France. (A) (France)

Hanna's Lost Her Smile
Dani Bowman
One bright morning Hannah awoke, but to her surprise she lost her smile. Will she ever find it again?

Sunday July 21, 2013 11:30am - 1:00pm PDT
Room 9

1:00pm PDT

San Diego Int'l Children's Film Festival - Program 3 - UCLA Animation Showcase
Bunny Business
Rebecca Olson
A young man needs to fix his favorite stuffed animal. (A) (USA)

Jackie Marion
The young squirrel Mac hoards his precious acorn, but soon learns the value of sharing and friendship. (A) (USA)

Rainy Day Ducks
Danielle M. Heitmuller
Mai meets a family of ducks at a gas station on a rainy afternoon. Can she help them navigate the urban landscape? (A) (USA)

Deathly Beloved
Natalie Xavier
Seymour the skeleton boy has a large skull and falls down frequently. When he meets the ghost girl Prudence, things change for him. (A) (USA)

Annie Yia Tien Tu
A group of sushi escape from a restaurant. Then yet another challenge before freedom. (A) (USA)

Baseball Boogie
Vivian Lee
LeRon is the best ball player in the neighborhood, but for this young slugger, every home run is like a strikeout. (A) (USA)

Sunday July 21, 2013 1:00pm - 2:30pm PDT
Room 9

2:30pm PDT

San Diego Int'l Children's Film Festival - Program 4
The Wishing Well
Rod Maxwell
One woman’s quest for love takes her to a wishing well. An all-time festival favorite. Directed by and starring Rod Maxwell, star of the SyFy Channel series “Face Off.” Rod Maxwell in person at the screening! (L/A) (USA)

The Plant
Jennifer Oxley
A girl devises a creative solution to get her kite from the branches of a tall tree. (A) (USA)

Anne Kristin Berge
A minimalist painter works in silent concentration on a series of hopeless squares. Suddenly, help arrives. (A) (Denmark)

Pingu's Bouncy Fun
Marianne Noser, Otmar Gutmann
The world's favorite penguin enjoys testing gravity's limits. (A) (New Zealand)

Little Frogs
Terry Mitchell
Little frogs learn not to stray too far. (A) (USA)

Head Dwellers
Eszter Szoboszlay
A peek into the inside of a head, where we find...the head dwellers. (A) (Hungary)

Boy and the Dragon Kite
Animated Film School Croatia
A kite into the clouds. A boy right behind it. (A) (Croatia)

Ari Carillo
The story of a piñata heroine, based on the legend. (A) (USA)

Joseph Barker/Ben Rivet
A bird goes on a journey to build a home for his family. (A) (USA)

Sunday July 21, 2013 2:30pm - 3:30pm PDT
Room 9

3:30pm PDT

San Diego Int'l Children's Film Festival - Program 5 - Best of Fest: the 10-Year Journey
Meghan Artes
Soup takes on many different flavors. The ABCs of soup. (A) (USA)

Yarn, Paper, Scissors
Rebecca Olson
A stop-motion animated short about a yarn critter that must save his paper friend from a malevolent pair of scissors. (A) (USA)

Fish Tank Fantasy
Alison Chin
Frustrated by the boundaries of life, a fish has an epiphany that could bring him happiness. (A) (USA)

Maija Burnett
A boy's adventure takes him higher than he imagined. (A) (USA)

Albert Radl
A locked door. A stubborn person. Who wins? (A) (Germany)

Mike Dacko
Teamwork and loyalty while on the run. (A) (USA)

The Mantis Parable
Josh Staub
A parable of friendship, hope, and promises kept. (A) (USA)

Airport Goodbye
Katie Maren
Childhood memories stay strong. (A) (USA)

Sunday July 21, 2013 3:30pm - 5:00pm PDT
Room 9

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