Comic-Con 2013 has ended


Robert Jimenez

Merced, California
I'm a dork, and that's about it. Hahaha I like to have fun and smile.I can't stay mad at people for longer than 30 min and even then thats a lot of time, mostly it only last about 5 .

I guess you can say I'm a child at heart, and it hurts every time I see one in pain. I love animals, as long as they are not pets to my family. If I ever had to get a dog it would be a husky. My fav. land animal would be a wolf, falcon for air, and I have yet to pick a fav water animal.

Ummm I don't really know what else to put here so I'll leave it at that. And its not like that isn't enough to get a basic idea of me anyway. If you wanted to know more, then ask around, or better yet, ask me, I mean thats what this facebook thing is for anyway right? If not, then use ur imagination and create a person for me, it prob will end up being cooler than me,lol.^_^