Comic-Con 2013 has ended

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Patrick McCarty

Software Developer
San Diego, CA
My SDCC experience usually involves seeing a variety of panels (mostly ones that don’t have super long lines but seem interesting), exploring the con floor, and ending with the Masquerade on Saturday night. I really love seeing all the awesome cosplays at SDCC! Hall H is not my thing, but I’m looking forward to Indigo Ballroom on Friday – never done a major SDCC line like that.
I’m an introvert at heart, but do really enjoy meeting and talking to fellow nerds when I get the chance. Some of my interests include cartoons, webcomics (esp. TwoKinds), software development, robots, artificial intelligence, deep learning neural networks, microcontrollers, technology, Linux, wildlife conservation, hiking/camping, PC gaming, Steampunk, Euro-style strategy board games, photography, investing, cryptocurrency, disc golf, politics and progressive activism, and space exploration. As a San Diego local, I like visiting the San Diego Zoo and Safari Park; my favorite animals are big cats (especially snow leopards) and red pandas. I’m always looking to have an adventure with friends, whether that be at a theme park, campout, RenFaire, convention, or Burning Man (2020 will be my first time).